We had a great time sitting down with Wealth Advisor Robert Everitt, CFP® to learn a a bit more about him, including how he spent his early summers on a roof (it’s still his favorite season), and who inspires him.  Learn more below!

What was your first paying job?

“My first ever job was working with my dad, who worked part time as a roofer and sider on houses.  I was in my early teens when I worked with him.  I spent many a summer’s day on a roof, and on the ground as the cleanup crew.  It taught me many valuable lessons, one of which was to stay focused.  You never wanted to lose focus and step on a nail, or lose your balance on a roof!”

What’s your favorite season?

“Without a doubt, it’s the summer time.  I love all the activities that are associated with summer, and warm weather.  Baseball, golf, sunlight, swimming, longer days, are all things I associate with the summer.  One of the motto’s that I like is… “if your not sweating, your not living”.  I am a big fan of warm weather and the sun, even if it involves a little sweat!”

 Who inspires you?

 “Many people inspire me.  One that inspires me in the financial world is Dave Ramsey (He and I have the same birthday).  I enjoy that he has the heart of a teacher and breaks down complex financial ideas into easier to understand terms.  I try to have that same mentality when I am meeting with clients.”


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