In our most recent staff spotlight, we had a conversation with John Strasburger, CFP®  a Wealth Advisor on our team at Capital Planning. During our discussion, we discovered that John holds a deep appreciation for one European country, loves everything baseball, and has some serious musical skills.  Learn more here: 

What’s the best place you’ve traveled to?

Switzerland is without a doubt the best place I’ve ever traveled to. My wife and I went there for our honeymoon and it was a trip we’ll never forget. We even kept a journal of our experiences along the way. One of our main goals was to stay away from the touristy locations and instead immerse ourselves in the local culture. We visited Geneva, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, Zermatt, and Lucerne, and discovered that some of the most memorable places were the quaint towns and villages we stumbled upon.

Everywhere we went, we were amazed by the stunning landscapes and the friendliness of the locals. The views of the Swiss Alps were truly breathtaking, and we felt grateful to have had the opportunity to experience such natural beauty. We left Switzerland feeling refreshed and inspired, and we can’t wait to go back and discover more of its hidden gems.

Are you a sports fan?

Absolutely, I’m a huge sports fan and being a diehard New York Yankees fan is a big part of who I am. It all began when I was just six years old and my love for the team has only grown stronger over the years. I’ll never forget the day my mom took me to Yankee FanFest when I was seven and I got to meet Derek Jeter and get his autograph. It was a life-changing moment that solidified my love for the team. My mom and I would often take bus trips to the stadium to catch the games and be a part of the excitement.

My love for the team was also fueled by my grandmother, who would also watch every single game, even in her 90s, and would even call me sometimes just to find out what channel the game was on if she couldn’t find it. I played shortstop growing up and wore the #2 on my jersey in honor of Jeter, up until I got to college. And I was lucky enough to be in attendance at his last home game in New York. All in all, being a Yankees fan is a huge part of who I am, and I feel proud to stand behind them year after year.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Well, I don’t know about hidden, but I am a musician and have been playing music ever since I was three years old. My father, who is also a musician, has been my biggest influence. I started playing the keyboard in my earliest years and would even jump in and play along with my father at local church festivals. I began playing the guitar in the 6th grade, with the help of my dad, and have put my focus on that ever since. I began performing at school talent shows and soon after expanded to playing at local restaurants and bars, starting at the young age of 15, and have continued to do so ever since.

On the weekends, you’ll still find me performing at local bars, restaurants, wineries, and weddings quite frequently. I even recorded a handful songs and made them available on popular streaming platforms like Spotify and iTunes. Oh, and in 2013, I auditioned for “The Voice” in NYC, which was a really cool experience. My passion for music certainly stems from my dad’s inspiration and my family’s unwavering support. They’ve always given me the confidence to pursue music wholeheartedly and I’m truly grateful for it.