We recently sat down and took a minute to learn a bit more about our Office Coordinator Jennifer Wegfahrt, FPQPTM .

What did we learn? Well, we found out who’s “spoiled” in her home, her talent for charcuterie boards, and where she likes to visit.  Read on for more!

Do you have any pets?

“This is Bindi (see above), my mischievous and spoiled child (I mean cat).”

What’s one thing you’re really good at? 

“It’s difficult for me to “toot my own horn” but I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback and requests for my charcuterie board creations.”

What’s the best place you’ve traveled to?

“I am not an avid traveler, but South Carolina sure has a piece of my heart. Almost quite literally as my in-laws moved there a few years ago. My husband and I always enjoy visiting family, exploring new places, and eating great food.”

You can read Jennifer’s full bio here >